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Women put much pressure on ourselves that is why we normally have insecurities, accepting the nature creates much peace than people could though.

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Cheers to grow old loving yourself, every tiny bit of it is beautiful as it is :)

I agree that sadly, most of the judgement that makes us insecure about our grey and body hair comes from women...

I always remember the first time my husband saw me plucking my eyebrows to shape them, he asked quite shocked what was I doing... he does not care about my hairy legs, grey hair or thick eyebrows (funny enough, these days people want them thick...)

I grew with standards of beauty quite different to his own as well, so that helped to open my mind and truly accept my natural self.

I also realised how ignorant most men are around women’s beauty routines (and that’s so wicked of society!)

But yeah, I also do some of those things once in a while...

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So true! Many times they don't even know the amount of pressure and pain women put themselves in order to look nice for them while they'd care quite less.

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